Till the Elf on the Shelf is Dead- Available Now!

Nashville, TN- The folks over at Melton & Miller Music have stopped giggling long enough to announce the release of a brand-new Christmas song from clearly certifiable Bluegrass singer and songwriter Milan Miller. In the spirit of such heartfelt holiday classics as Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer and Merry Christmas from the Family, within two minutes and ten seconds, Till the Elf on the Shelf Is Dead gives voice to the trials and tribulations of one father’s attempt to embrace a new tradition. 

Written with Beth Husband, Till the Elf on the Shelf Is Dead employs one of Milan’s favorite songwriting tricks- painting a twisted tale against the backdrop of a jovial melody. Highlighted by Justin Moses’ mandolin, fiddle, dobro, and banjo, the swinging song is an anthem for every parent who has awoken to find holiday havoc wrecked by the mischievous elf in residence, and for all those who have struggled to keep up with the elf next door. 

Till the Elf on the Shelf Is Dead is now available for download from iTunes and all other digital retail outlets.