Bluegrass Today correspondent Richard Thompson interviews Milan for the Songwriter Profile series.  Read the full article here.
"Miller has a master's touch with lyrics and melody...This is good honest-to-Monroe bluegrass music."  Read the full review here.  Country Standard Time
"On this album, the songwriting is front and center."  Read the full review here.  Bluegrass Today
“Milan Miller offers us songs that are at the same time faithful to the spirit of the old, while remaining original and personal.  Titles such as Pushing Up DaisiesYellow Jacket Mine, and I'd Rather Be Lonesome ring instantly as classic- I was humming along by the second listening.  Still, the best time of the disc for me is The Saddest Man In County Clare, one of the most beautiful ballads that I have heard in recent times.”  Le Cri Du Coyote
"Good music from start to finish. This one's worth every penny you'll pay for it." Read the full review here.  Lonesome Road Review